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Innova’s ERCO Energía Announces Acquisition of Gensol Energy Management




January 30, 2018

At Erco Energía we are proud to announce that as of February 1, 2018 we have our headquarters in the southwestern part of the country based in Cali, this national expansion begins with the acquisition of Gensol, a well-known company dedicated to the design, construction and maintenance of systems solar photovoltaic and thermal in this area of the country.

Through the acquisition, Gensol becomes part of Erco Energía and therefore all its experience, human capital and history are added to our journey, with the aim of continuing with sustainable growth and continue to offer an incredible service with a product of guaranteed quality and thus contribute to more people, companies and institutions can be part of the change.

From now on, Gensol is Erco Energía and is an official part of our company. We welcome all the Gensol team and send a message of calmness to their customers, ensuring that Erco will be present in the Operation and Maintenance of its facilities.

Additionally, we are pleased to report that this national expansion continues in order to strengthen our presence in all areas of the country.