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Innova Capital Partners Invests in Health Care Firm Jana Care

Innova Capital Partners, LLC (Innova) announced an investment into Jana Care (Jana), a builder of radically affordable, high quality diagnostics for mass screening combined with scalable and culturally adapted behavior change programs for mass management of patients. “We are pleased to invest into Jana Care, a proven leader in diabetes care in the world,” said Mukesh Prasad, Managing Partner of Innova.

About Innova Capital Partners

Innova Capital Partners (“Innova”) is a global investor with a focus on disruptive innovations. Innova invests in projects and companies at various stages of their development cycle and partners with industry-leading management teams, franchises, and companies positioned for significant growth.

About Jana Care

Jana Care is a social enterprise pushing to improve health outcomes for people living with diabetes around the world. Our unique approach combines low-cost, diagnostic tests with proven lifestyle management coaching, all delivered through a mobile phone to deliver actionable information to patients and health care providers.