Innova Capital Partners


At Innova, we seek to create value for all our partners by active management of the different stages of an opportunity. Once we identify a promising scalable venture we work very closely in further developing and structuring the enterprise. We believe a key to success for any opportunity is having a clear vision, focused strategy, solid leadership, and the ability to tap into each unique market environment in order to deliver results. Our experiences as well as our industry relationships also allow us to further enhance and compliment our platform.

Innova delves deeply, working with local teams to enhance their current platform and design their strategy through various activities including, but not limited to the following:

Business Development Activities

  • Assist in review of feasibility analysis relating to project opportunities
  • Provide guidance for appropriate assistance on legal, compliance, and tax matters in relation to our projects

Project Finance

  • Develop project finance strategies
  • Provide assistance in business development, pricing, and asset management
  • Facilitate larger scale financing, drafting of financing agreements, and reviewing legal documents to ensure optimal financing terms